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Arrival Time

By 11/03/2019 Announcements

Arrival At Rehearsals

Sorry to sound like a nag, but I have noticed that the time of arrival at rehearsals has got later and later as time has gone on.

I remember when we started, people were arriving from 7pm onwards. These days, the room seems empty at 7:20pm and then there is a last minute rush.

While I appreciate that people want to catch up and have a chat with friends etc, this means the start time of rehearsal is pushing later and (at the risk of sounding like a teacher) I end up having to stand and wait for a few minutes before the room settles.

Can I ask, if you want to have a chat with fellow choir members, that you arrive with plenty of time (or stay behind for a drink afterward).

I had a choirmaster when I was training who would say “If the rehearsal starts at 7:30, as of 7:25 you are late!”


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